About North Jersey Nonconformist

I’m a 40 year old male currently residing in Hudson County, New Jersey and am a Wall Street technology professional.  To best describe myself, I’d say I fit the mold of someone like this:

  • Born and raised in North New Jersey
  • Never been married
  • Avid motorcyclist
  • Amateur home chef
  • Overgrown frat boy/Jersey Shore “bro”
  • IT Professional
  • Nonconformist

I also give very good advice.  When I’m asked for advice, I tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. If you would like advice, send me an e-mail at advice@njnonconformist.com and if your question is selected, I’ll publish your answer in a future advice column on this blog.  Ask me anything about work, interpersonal relationships, dating, where to go to have fun, home cooking, riding, anything you like.

While I’m not hiding from this blog, I don’t have my real name associated with it due concerns that the conservative corporation that I work for might disagree with my viewpoints.

My inspirations for this blog and my material in no particular order:

  • James Hetfield, rock star
  • Ric Flair, professional wrestler
  • Lemmy Kilmister, 49% Motherf*cker, 51% Son of a B*tch
  • David Chang, restaurateur
  • Lefty, a tool
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin, professional wrestler
  • Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, author and historian
  • Brad Keselowski, champion racecar driver
  • Reggie Jackson, baseball player
  • The Hoboken Girl, professional narcissist and my sworn enemy
  • Joe Namath, football player
  • Tucker Max, author
  • Nikki Sixx, rock star
  • Sonny Barger, motorcycle legend

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