A Virtual First Look

This is a video that accompanies my previous blog post about the framing being completed on the new house. It even includes some dramatic police activity in the first few seconds.


  1. I am far more entertained by this than I expected. Watched the whole thing. It really looks great. I have just a couple of helpful suggestions:

    1) Backyard needs more pool
    2) Garage needs this: https://www.cyclespinner.com/product/cycle-spinner-8-ft/

    Just kidding on the pool, but seriously, make sure they run a gas and power line back there to accommodate a modpool for when you are flush with cash again. They can crane it right over the house.



  1. […] is another video walk-through of the new house, to show progress since the first one.  This one includes the new siding, electric, plumbing, lighting, and A/V […]


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